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شركه الصفا

شركه الصفا تآسست عام ٢٠٠٣ ومستمره في العمل باذن الله . لدينا محطه تعبئه خاصه لتعبئه و تغليف جميع آنواع الموالح ( برتقال – ليمون – يوسفي . . .) , نعمل في مجال تصدير جميع انواع الموالح بالاضافه الي ( الرومان – العنب – المناجو  .. .) . كما قمنا بالتصدير الي ( الدول العربيه – آوروبا – روسيا – الصين – وغرب افريقيا . لدينا غرفة تبخير  لمعالجة المانجو والجوافة بالتبخير.وتم اعتمادها منذ عام .نسعي جاهدين للدخول في مجال الطاقه المتجدده من خلال استخدام محطه التعبئه الخاصه بنا و التي تقدر بحوالي ٤٠ الف متر .نوفر خدمه بيع منتج نهائي للمصدرين الذين لديهم آسواق تصديريه وليس لديهم محطات تعبئه  .لدينا مزارع خاصه بنا و التي نقوم بتحليل منتجاتها  لتاكد من سلامتها للتصدير  في السوق الخارجي .

station for special packaging and packaging all types of citrus (orange – lemon – tangerine…)Working in the field of exporting all kinds of citrus addition to (Romans – grapes – Almnajo …). We also export to the (Arab countries – Europe – Russia – China – and West Africa..) We have accredited Ttaghir rooms have been adopted since.
Strive to enter in the field of renewable energy through the use of special packing plant Us, which is estimated at about 40,000 meters.Sale service provide a final product to the exporters who have export markets and not for Vem filling stations. We have our own and that we analyze their products to make sure the integrity of the export market in the outer farms.
MR : nasser monir abdel wahab


Valencia orange

Egyptian Valencia Orange in brief; Most widely grown oranges vary in Egypt under set of the standards for round oranges in terms of color, sweetness and also for juicing characters.
it’s the most required Orange type all over the world for eat & juice purposes.
Fruit Link has its farms which Growing the best types of Valencia which gives the most acquirable features of Valencia Orange into the selling market.
Fruit Link is the Egyptian Citrus Supplier for Valencia Orange that exports to wide range of important countries like France, Italy, India, Malaysia, and Senegal.



The navel is the earliest maturing of orange varieties, producing the seedless fruit of larger size than most
others, with deep orange easily peeled rinds and a sweet and pleasant flavor.
Navel oranges are seedless. Excellent for fresh eating but does not have good juicing characters.
Considered to be world’s finest orange for fresh eating! Very sweet and naturally juicy, of course, peel and segment very easily to complement fresh eating.



Grapefruit is a tangy fruit which looks like an orange or sweet lime in its appearance. It’s a citrus fruit with a little hint of sweetness. It is named grapefruit due to the way it grows – in bunches like grapes. Grapefruit comes in white, pink, and red varieties, colors that refer to the flesh of the fruit. It`s one of the most hydrating fruits in the world made up of 91% water,  low in calories but are full of nutrients , an excellent source of vitamins A ,C and E ,  Calcium ,  Magnesium and Zinc, and have significantly antioxidant . So grapefruit used as part of a healthy diet in addition lowering blood pressure. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, the main support system of skin.



Is light yellow and blushed in the midst of pink. Guava is accessible from late spring through early fall. Guava fruits are sodium free, low in fat and calories. It also reduces the possibility of coronary heart disease. Guavas are mainly used for the treatment of cough, cold, skin care, high blood pressure, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, weight loss, scurvy, etc.



Egyptian Pomegranate has a citrus taste and is very juicy. There are lots of drinks and even foods that are prepared with the pomegranate fruit. Pomegranates have favorable effect on strokes and heart disease as it helps in lowering of bad cholesterol. It helps to prevent premature aging as they help in slowing down the formation of wrinkles in one’s skin.



Egypt Grapes export time starts by middle of May in each year for sea shipment, and a week or more for air shipment.
that time of season has first summer wave, that’s the Grapes weather, when it’s being ripe, so it be ready to harvest and pack for export, so it be ready to harvest and pack for export proposal.